iFlight Safety & Quality Management System

iFlight SMS QMS is a modern and automated safety and quality management system that uses the latest technologies.

How It Works

iFlight SMS QMS is web based safety and quality management system with the optional mobile applications module. The solution is modular meaning that you can decide which modules fit perfectly for your requirements.


Cloud or On-Premise

iFlight SMS QMS is a Cloud solution, however we can host the application on-premise on your demand.


Digital database

All your safety and quality data is stored digitally in your own database. Access any data from anywhere.



We use the best security protocols to encrypt your data and make it safe for your usage.

Powerful iFlight SMS QMS web application

The core of the iFlight SMS QMS solution is the web application. Its modern and user-friendly design make it easy to use without any training involved.



Modular set-up make it easy and convenient for you to choose which modules meet your requirements.

Reporting module

Customizable reports in digital format making the reporting process efficient and tracable.

Data analysis module

Analysing your data establishes a proactive and predictive hazard identification.

Quality management module

Support internal and external audits, IOSA checklists, eConformance report etc.


Risk management module

Collect, assess, mitigate and monitor are four main pillars in the risk management module.

Bow-Tie Management Module

New risk management methodology that visualises the risk you are dealing with.

Documentation module

Distribution of documents accross the operator with document control features.

Additional modules for air operators

We provide additional modules such as survey module, mobile applications module, training modules or specific modules per operator.

Get In Touch

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