SCAT Airline implements iFlight!

Posted on 13 June, 2017
Posted by Marko Radoš

Combis iFlight team is extremely proud to welcome our first Asian member, SCAT Air Company, into our community of airports and airlines that implement our safety and quality management system. SCAT Air Company was founded in 1997 in Republic of Kazakhstan and are headquartered in southern city of Kazakhstan, Shymkent. Today the company have 17 aircrafts in its fleet and it consists of predominantly owned western aircrafts, operating more than 80 domestic and international air routes, annually offering up to ten new destinations, with the passenger traffic increased on average by 40%.

Its ambition to start operating in Europe took them to the new level of airline management and one of the most important areas where they wanted to improve were safety and quality department. By deciding to purchase whole iFlight package of SMS and QMS modules, we are looking forward to aid our Asian partner to create attainable and prosperous SMS & QMS compliant with the EASA regulations. In order to reduce the workload of SCAT Air Company’s safety and quality staff members, Combis iFlight team is very active in determining how to simplify the current business procedures inside the company.

We hope that our long-term collaboration will be valuable to our Kazakh customer in the long-run. To find out more information about SCAT Air Company please visit

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