Posted on 2 May, 2017
Posted by Marko Radoš

One of the best examples on how to run an airline company has to be „Trade Air“, the company that was founded by Mihajlo Cvijin back in April 1994. Trade Air is a Croatian passenger and charter airline with headquarters in the Croatian capital of Zagreb. In such tenacious environment as an aviation market it took an enormous effort to become recognizable as a reliable airline in the aviation world. Throughout the period since its foundation, Trade Air had gone through diverse stages of their operations, but in the last few years they have increased the number of the operations and performed myriad of flights for various operators, domestic and foreign. Nowadays, the CEO of the company, Marko Cvijin, is taking the company on to the next level. One of the foundation blocks of building a successful airline company has to be the safety and quality department which is, today, one of the most important departments in this company. Marko together with his colleague Hrvoje Akmadžić created the corresponding department that handles all safety and quality issues inside the company. Today Hrvoje gets the help from his two assistants, Nina Kranjčina and Ivana Grdić who are doing an amazing job keeping this company safe.

However, as an aviation industry is highly regulated industry, the company was struggling to follow all the required regulations and on how to handle so much data in forms of taking evidence of all safety reports, audits, documentations, internal investigations etc. Doing this manually turned out to be painstakingly slow and inefficient. With the introduction of even stricter regulations from European Aviation Safety Authority (EASA) that demands the operator is required to create and maintain its safety management system in compliance with the EASA regulation 376/2014, Trade Air started to look for assistance to make their performance more efficient. Hrvoje together with his team decided that they needed a single-platform solution for all safety and quality data, risk management, comprehensive performance analysis and documentation control.

Hrvoje Akmadžić, Safety and Quality Manager at Trade Air, said: “We wanted to simplify safety & quality management system processes. We used Excel sheets before. It was a passive system without notifications to the responsible management about their pending actions. it was difficult for more than one person to use a single spreadsheet at the same time. Traceability was not ensured.“

Trade Air decided to purchase full SMS and QMS package of iFlight solution. iFlight adjusted to already established internal assessment procedures and when it was finally implemented it provided so many benefits for the company from improving overall safety inside the company to saving money and time on those business processes that are now automated.

Hrvoje together with his team moved their manual procedures on to our iFlight platform and immediately felt the difference using many features that are provided with the iFlight platform.

Hrvoje added: “iFlight provide us with active alerts and notifications with full audit trails. It is a user-friendly system that covers all aspect of European Aviation Safety Regulations (ORO.GEN.200) for the management system. Now our complete quality and safety system is based on iFlight features.”

Seeing Trade Air successfully migrating to our platform and enhancing their safety inside the company makes us extremely satisfied. Now they will be even more competitive in the aviation market with the fact that their safety and quality is on a very high level standard. We are looking forward to keeping a long standing collaboration with Trade Air on mutual benefit. To learn more about Trade Air, please visit