iFlight Fatigue Risk Management System

iFlight FRMS is a unique innovative Fatigue Risk Management System based on Cloud, Big Data and wearable technologies.

How It Works

iFlight FRMS is Cloud based fatigue risk management system with the optional wearables module that can track real-time biometric data of your members. The solution is modular meaning that you can decide which modules fit perfectly for your requirements.


Biometric data

Usage of biomathematical model for fatigue prediction and biometric data for proactive fatigue management.



Internet of things (IoT) and wearables for the data collection for each member in the organization.


Optimize rostering

Supporting rostering optimiziation with the high-tech biometric data collection and predictive biomathematical model.


First level of protection

In reactive fatigue management you can analyse potential fatigue hazard after the incident had been reported or submitted after the operation.

Continuous monitoring

In proactive approach using iFlight main features such as biometric data recording you can proactively identify hazards and provide mitigation options.

Biomathematical model

Predict the fatigue hazards, optimize your work schedules and track all the trends using smart analytics.

The Proactive Way to Fatigue Risk Management with the Usage of Wearables

Embedded wearable technology for your crew members that monitor biometric and sleep data to calculate corresponding fatigue risks for the upcoming duties


Awesome Features

There are many features that can improve safety and your operation efficiency by using this solution.

Improved safety

Safety of your organization and employees taken to the next level.

Oversight reduction

Compliance with the latest regulation regarding FRM and overall reduction in regulatory oversight.

Just culture

Promotion of the just culture making sure that everyone involved create trusted safety network.

Biometric data

Proactive health data benefit both parties, vast number of health parameters.

Well documented

Documentation and traceability available to each member at any time.

Enhanced communication

Communication between all stakeholders made easy and modern.

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